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     Have you ever wondered why Michael Shumacher is so popular? Is he really so good or is there just too much money in Formula 1?
   Whatever is the answer, those who risk their lives will always be respected by others.
Pilots are considered brave and those who live long - wise.
   Those who win a competition or break a record will instantly make themselves a name.
If they continue winning and breaking records then they become Gods.
   Whenever they speak - others listen. Whatever they dress - others wear. Wherever they go - others follow. Such a net of fame!
   This is not new, in the past they were deadly wariors. Now the sport is the war and the sky is the battlefield.

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< Because ... <

< Project partner         Paragliding is becoming the most popular aerosport and its events are comprehensively reported on by the media. Every year there are many cross-country and acro competitions, record attempts, terra incognito expeditions, projects and film productions.

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