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Pilot Sponsor <

    The pilots is flying dressed and equipped with Your Company Style glider, overall, t-shirt, helmet.
  When interviewed the pilots shows the sponsor's attributes and thanks him in a tactfull manner.
  We will recommend you young and talanted pilots who are among the top 10 in national competitions and among first 40 in the professional World Cup.

- pilot sponsor -

< Team  Sponsor >

- team sponsor -
  Most of the competitions have aditional Team ranking and prizes. It is also covered in the medias because as you know the Team spirit is not an easy job.
  Imagine the impression of your clients and partners when they see on TV how Your Company Team Won a Competition!

> Basic Prices <

  Your company style competition glider with logo
- 2200 euro
  Your company style flying suit design with logo - 300 euro
  Your company helmet design with logo - 200 euro
  a participation in a National competition - 100 euro
  a participation in an International competition - 300 euro + transport